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VA7100 Battery and Firmware.

Bob H.
Occasional Visitor

VA7100 Battery and Firmware.

I am having problems with controller C2 losing communication with the battery. We have been through this several times, also the controller can run for a day or up to 6 and then stop. Controller C1 has been stable, doesn't stop, and battery stays in communication.
The next maintenance window will either be another battery or battery and controller.

My question is: The controller firmware is at HP18. I don't see any notes about battery management changes in the firmware release notes. Does anyone have some real world experience with battery communication lost, especially related to old firmware?

Thank you
Bob H.

Re: VA7100 Battery and Firmware.

There is not enough information to get a detailed idea of what is going on on the VA, so the 3 options you mention are possible: FW update needed to HP22, bad battery or bad controller. If C2 is locking up, the best thing to do would be analysing the logs armdsp -a and logprn from that VA, and check the status of the VA before proceeding; the FW update actually would be recommended, but without further analysis, I am not sure it will solve the problem, if the logs show a Hardware issue, then that will need to be replaced.

If you have no other option, replace the parts and then update the FW to HP22: