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VA7100 Configuration Question

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VA7100 Configuration Question

Dear HP Forum Folks,

I have a question regarding the activities that can be done via the serial port on a VA7100. Can only low-level types of activities be done (e.g. formatting the array or setting the RAID level), or can 'higher-level' activities, like LUN creation be done also?

The reason I ask is that I found a document on HP's site titled 'VA Virtual Front Panel Commands", which seems to indicate that all array commands are available through this 'Virtual Font Panel', but dosen't make clear whether this is the serial port interface or not.

The document can be found at: http://h200002.www2.hp.com/bc/docs/support/SupportManual/lpg60197/lpg60197.pdf

Can anyone illuminate this for me?

Uwe Zessin
Honored Contributor

Re: VA7100 Configuration Question

Yes, the 'virtual front panel' is the serial port. I found that strange, too, because when I hear 'front panel' I think about lots of switches and lights ;-)
Arend Lensen
Trusted Contributor

Re: VA7100 Configuration Question

You can execute on VFP almost the same as you can do from the host by using the CLI or CVUI. Performance logs however cannot be retrieved from VFP. However on the VFP you can clear/disable security and this cannot be done from the host.
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Re: VA7100 Configuration Question


Apart from formatting the array, setting the raid levels, lot of activities can be done using the serial console for the Va7100 disk array.

You can change the host port behaviour, Port topology, controller loop id also...

mgr, vfpdsp are the other command available through the serial console

with best wishes
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