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VA7100 Error code

Jongmin, Lee
Valued Contributor

VA7100 Error code

Can someone help me decipher the following errors on my va7100? The array is attached to K470. There's no log messages..syslog, stm, ..

Errors's following...
Time = 1:53:13 PM KST
Device Name = HP SureStore Virtual Array 7100
Device Type = DiskArray
Event Number = 2503
Fru Identifier =
Fru Location =
Event Code = 427
Event Count = 1
Sequence Number = 462
Event Type = Controller Event
Event Description = CHGR_PIC_RESET_EH The NVRAM battery charger was reset
Event Unique Data : none
controller tick : 2299707660024
serialNum/moduleId/processId : 00PR04112512/0xb1/0xffffffff
enclosureId/slot/component/subcomponent : 0x00/0x01/0x60/0xff


Trusted Contributor

Re: VA7100 Error code

I take it that this was from the VA event logs, logprn? The event logs track every odd (or normal) internal event within the array. They are for a record if something serious happens. Unless you have a lot of entries over a short period and you have not changed anything (add, remove, create, or delete disk or LUNs)then you may have a problem you'll need hp service to look at. The exception is if the array is in a warning state, with a specific error indicated.

Do you have many of these?

This event indicates the uprocessor responsible for monitoring the battery was reset. No big deal if there are just a few of these, else call HP.
Eugeny Brychkov
Honored Contributor

Re: VA7100 Error code

Roger, is right. Anyway please make sure that your VA has latest firmware (HP17 for now) and VA's batteries processor has latest firmware (4.3)