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VA7100 Setup help

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Rao Uppuluri

VA7100 Setup help

We have recently purchased a rp4440-8 and a VA7100 disk system. RP came pre-loaded with HPUX 11.11 and the HP engineer attached the VA7100 with Fibre Cards. This system to is going to host a oracle database.
I need some help,

1. I want to know how can I setup adnd carve out luns on VA7100? Is there a manual I can read to do this or can a kind soul on this forum help me with the steps, please? When I tried to access VA7100 through SAM, I got an error about array software utilities not being present. (We currently use AutoRAID 12H and I setup volume groups on it myself.)

2. I want to re-partition my VG00 group. I am thinking of creating a Ignite tape, using make_tape_recovery, boot the system off of it and partition my root volume group again. (Please note, I have never done the above before on any machine) Please let me know if this proecedure works? Also, what would be the make_tape_recovery command I use for this task? (is -A enough?)

Thank you for your help.
Pete Randall
Outstanding Contributor

Re: VA7100 Setup help


1. I believe you need to load the "hp StorageWorks command view sdm" software in order to work with your VA7100. See http://www.hp.com/support/cvsdm for more info. You may have to consult your HP rep to obtain a copy of this product.

2. Ignite is exactly the tool you need to re-partion vg00. Run your "make_tape_recovery -a /dev/rmt/0mn -I -v -x inc_entire=vg00", then boot off the tape and interact with the install process to re-allocate the logical volumes in vg00. Any other VGs will need to be re-imported when you're done.


Frequent Advisor

Re: VA7100 Setup help

Hi Rao,
I would with Pete's idea.Moreover you can create the LUN thru the serial port.here is the steps:
1.Connect a laptop or PC,Proliant server...whatever to VA with a serial cable came with VA
2.Start the hyperterminal
3.issue the command "fmt" to format VA
4.create the lun with command "cfg"
5.you can issue "command -?" to get related help info
6.use security manager to present lun or just disable security manager
7.issue "ioscan -fnC disk" at the hpux prompt
Hope that help!
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Re: VA7100 Setup help


The make recovery command should be like this;

make_tape_recovery â a -I â x inc_entire=vg00

-I Cause the system recovery process to be interactive when
booting from the tape.
Hope this helps.

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Re: VA7100 Setup help

My earlier reply doesn't looks good. Here it is;

make_tape_recovery -a -I -x inc_entire=vg00.

Tim D Fulford
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Re: VA7100 Setup help


Once you get round to carving up your va7100. You will need to make some choices. From previous experience...

0 - Make sure you have the latest version of the F/W & S/W. I think HP19 for controllers & SDM CommandView V 1.08
1 - Use HPAutoRAID mode rather than RAID1+0, even if you intend to the system wholy in RAID1+0. If you intend to use RAID1+0 put system in HPAutoRAID & assign just slightly more than 45% of the space (so 90% is used). Alternively, assign a small ammount, 20% (so 40% is actually used). There are some "funnies" when you assign space between these 20 & 45% during disk failures. It is best to avoid this "occupancy" range if you want to keep performance as high as possible during a disk failure.
2 - As per manuals, you can only assign up to 90% of the space available... do remember this!
3 - The disks you bought are listed in "marketing" giga-bytes. So you will need to convert these into real computing GB. This means you need to remove 10% or so of the disk size. so 36GB disk is actually 33 GB or so. (and then a further 10% is reserved, so 30GB!!)
4 - Increase the LVM timeouts to 60 seconds on each LV you create.

good luck

D Block 2
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Re: VA7100 Setup help

are you planning to load oracle 10g using ASM ?

have you also MIRROR'ed your vg00 logical volumes ?

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