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VA7100 and MCSG.

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John Tyler

VA7100 and MCSG.

What is the supported config for ServiceGuard
on 2 node N -Class cluster with 2 VA7100s.

Does the VA7100 support fabric mode or is it just FC-AL supported?

I am about to get two N-class servers with two VA7100s and i would like to connect them with a couple of brocade switches(fabric mode) instead of FC-AL hubs.

Also, Is the firmware available for VA7100 to be configured as RAID 5DP? I heard that the initial version of firmware supported only RAID 0/1.

Since this is a new offering from HP, i would appreciate if anyone can share their experience with VA 7100.

Anywhere VA7100 connected using brocade in fabric mode?

Peter Mattei
Honored Contributor

Re: VA7100 and MCSG.

Hello Ven

The question to all of your questions is: YES!

1. The VA7x00 supports fabric!
2. We do support AUTORAID now on the VA7100, which means, the VA will migrate data automatically to RAID5DP when necessary.
3.VA7100 supports a MC-Serviceguard clusters
4. I assume you want to do Mirror-UX to both VA7100. This is also supported.
5. We do have several VA7100 installed in Switzerland. Also some with MC-ServiceGuard and MSCS. See page 36 on the users Guide on: http://www.hp.com/cposupport/manindex/hpsurestor30307_eng_man.html

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Edward Carey
Occasional Advisor

Re: VA7100 and MCSG.


Do you know what is the latest verison of the VA7100 firmware ??? Our VA7100 is running in AutoRAID mode, and our firmware version is HP11 for A6188A, and NI2040 is 4.1

HP Tech Area
Vincent Fleming
Honored Contributor

Re: VA7100 and MCSG.

The latest firmware (as of today) is HP11.
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