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VA7100 autoraid Help

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Steven Chen_1
Super Advisor

VA7100 autoraid Help


We finally have a VA7100 along with a L server. There are 4x36G hard drives for the VA. It was initially configured by HP engineer a few months ago. Due to other condition, we only pick it up now.

But I find it not usable: with arraydsp -i, I get the message of
"The ARMServer did not respond. It may not be running or it may still be
in the process of initializing."

We are new to VA autoraid, and do not find any doc from hp for this support. It will be very appreciable if someone can help:

1) what are the admin command to add drives? what are the other useful commands?
2) where we can find the documentation?

Thanks a lot,

Vincent Fleming
Honored Contributor

Re: VA7100 autoraid Help


The first place to start would be the manuals... you can download them here:

You need to establish what your current configuration is via the serial port, then establish communication between the L and the VA (check it via ioscan), then the array needs to be visible to user interface.

It's all in the manuals. Act as if it's brand new and follow the installation instructions, and you should be OK. Post back if you have trouble.

Good luck!
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