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VA7100 configuration problem !!!

Frequent Advisor

VA7100 configuration problem !!!

Hi ,

We have VA7100 array connected rp5470 server, through ioscan all the array disks are shown as claimed. But when "armdsp -i" is executed it doesn't show any output. Even armdiscover also doesn't recognize the array.

When armfmt is tried it gives "invalid array id" error message. Even in the stm also it gives the same above error message.

Any suggestions/solutions......

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Helen French
Honored Contributor

Re: VA7100 configuration problem !!!

Hi Venky:

Check this document(TKB #WCMDKBRC00008816). This describes the reason and issues with SAM and VA arrays:



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Kurt Beyers.
Honored Contributor

Re: VA7100 configuration problem !!!

What happens if you connect to the VA via the VFP? Is the array ready (your prompt should be Ready>). Try a vfpfmt, what does vfgdsp gives as array-id?

Sukant Naik
Trusted Contributor

Re: VA7100 configuration problem !!!

Just my two cents :-)

Connect to the console port of the VA7100 and check its status by running the vfp commands.

Run vfpdsp command.

check as to what OS the controller has been set to.

The command to set it to HP-UX is

vfpmgr -os hpux

And check how many luns are created by running the command
vfpdsp -d

Hope this helps you.

- Sukant
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Paul Barmettler
Frequent Advisor

Re: VA7100 configuration problem !!!

Hi Venky,

did you set the correct controller port topology and the contoller host port behavior?

Erik Tong

Re: VA7100 configuration problem !!!

Are the device files created for the luns?