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VA7100 configuration

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VA7100 configuration

Can someone tell me what I need to configure a VA7100 into various RAID groupings does it come with a command line interface or console hookup to configure it, or do I need to pay for storage works or some sort of software to bind it up...Thanks
Eugeny Brychkov
Honored Contributor

Re: VA7100 configuration

When you buy VA one copy of CommandView SDM is shipped with it. If you wish you can buy Secure Manager (with licences for different storage capacities), the same for Business Copy.
VA can work either in RAID 0/1 mode or in AutoRAID mode. Migration from RAID 0/1 to AutoRAID is allowed online, although to go back array reformat required.
These two modes are VA firmware features and they're for free. You can choose whatever mode you want. You can change these modes with CommandView ('armmgr -C' from command line). I believe you can do it from VFP also.
Look at man pages for arm commands for more information, or connect to VFP and issue 'help' command (or 'vfphelp', depending on VA firmware - remember: latest is HP18)