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VA7100 errors

Mark Henry_1
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VA7100 errors

Hi All,

Can someone help me decipher the following errors on my va7100? The array is shared on an fc loop between a number of serviceguarded machines..
The machines themselves have various PV / VG recovery errors in the syslog.

The following is obvious..
WARNING: One or more of the batteries that maintain the controller NVRAM hardware is missing or has failed.
..although this is the only warning from armdsp..

But an armlog shows *many* of the following error messages..
Fru Location = M/C2
Event Number ---------------- = 81,654
Sequence Number ------------- = 14
Time ------------------------ = 5/26/02 7:11 AM
Device Name ----------------- = HP SureStore Virtual Array 7100
Device Unique Name ---------- = 50060b0000097088
Device Type ----------------- = DiskArray
Event Code ------------------ = 348
Event Description = FRONTEND_FC_ABTS_EVENT_EH This error code indicates that the
Host sent a Fibre Channel ABTS (Abort Sequence) BLS frame to the abort an IO.
The array will log this event for informational and debug purposes only. It doe
s not necessarily indicate a problem with the array.
Ckpt 0x17028a: 0x00000006
frontend osPortCB: ABTSAbort-JCB
ElapsedTime=7.1 DequeueTime=0x000000000000
csv=0x003e0000 ioHWM=0x003e jstate=0x01
ctrlr tix : 5236342656906
serialNum/moduleId/processId : 00PR02000684 /0x47/0xffffffff
eid/slot : 0x00/0x01

- plus -

Fru Location = M/C2
Event Number ---------------- = 81,663
Sequence Number ------------- = 23
Time ------------------------ = 5/26/02 7:22 AM
Device Name ----------------- = HP SureStore Virtual Array 7100
Device Unique Name ---------- = 50060b0000097088
Device Type ----------------- = DiskArray
Event Code ------------------ = 374
Event Description = TWSI_EVENT_EH This error code indicates that a transaction o
n one of the two-wire serial buses did not complete successfully. The bus, targ
et device, and fail code will be placed in the extended info area. The bus, con
troller slot, device address, and fail code will also be placed in the enclosure
ID, slot, component, and subcomponent fields of the CompID structure respectivel
BUS: Local
FAILURE TYPE: No Acknowledge
ctrlr tix : 5236473308453
serialNum/moduleId/processId : 00PR02000684 /0xad/0xffffffff
eid/slot : 0x00/0x01


Are the controllers going bad? Or is the nvram battery the source of the problem? Again, and armdsp is fine apart from the battery warning..

Many thanks

p.s. if more info would help, I'd be glad to supply..
Paul Barmettler
Frequent Advisor

Re: VA7100 errors

Hi Mark,

did you check the "Component Status" in the GUI (command view)?

Vincent Fleming
Honored Contributor

Re: VA7100 errors

You should call HP with the specific details on this, but it looks like the array is complaining about a disk (the second error) that didn't acknowledge a command. It may be a bad disk, or one that's going bad. Also, this could occur if you have bad cabling or other signal degredation. You might want to try changing the cabling both to the drives and to the host.

Good luck!
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Re: VA7100 errors


The error that you get is beacause the batteries failed and you know that the batterie hold all structure from the lun in the array you need replace the batterie as fast you can & you need check the state of the cotroler led these show you the real state from all FRU`s

See you
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