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VA7100 free space?

Mark Henry_1
Frequent Advisor

VA7100 free space?

Hi All,

Is there a built-in way to determine the available/unconfigured space on the VA7100?

I could total the configured LUN's, and subtract it from the total_physical_disks_space less the redunancy info (which I think is only raid 0 on 7100 = 1/2.. yes?)
This could be inaccurate down to the last meg though when trying to use all available space..


Occasional Visitor

Re: VA7100 free space?

It is very simple to calculate
available/unconfigured space on the VA7100 as follows.

Array Mode # of parity disk
Autoraid 2
Raid 1/0 installed disk/2

for examples. there are 10 disks with 73GB.

The usable space is 584 GB(73GB x 8) and redunancy space(parity data) is 146 GB(73GB x 2) for autoraid.

The usable space is 365 GB(73GB x 5) and redunancy space(parity data) is 365 GB(73GB x 5) for RAID 1/0.
If you configure the hot spare,you should subtract the hot spare space from the available space.

You can see the detail capacity usage using the armdsp command as follows.

#armdsp -i --> Check Array ID
#armdsp -a
The following is the part of armdsp out

Vendor ID:______________________________HP Product ID:_____________________________A6188A Array World Wide Name:__________________50060b00000920fb Array Serial Number:____________________00SG04690119 Alias:__________________________________royc ------------------------------------------------------------ ARRAY INFORMATION Array Status:_______________________Ready Firmware Revision:__________________38370EX17I0131011556 Product Revision:___________________EX17 WARNINGS CAPACITY USAGE Total Disk Enclosures:______________1 Total Disks:________________________8 Total Physical Size:________________136,718 MB Allocated to Regular LUNs:__________57,344 MB Allocated as Business Copies:_______0 MB Used as Active Hot Spare:___________34,179 MB Used by Non-Included Disks:_________0 MB Used for Redundancy:________________42,599 MB Unallocated (Avail. for LUNs):______2,596 MB

Carlos Sotelo Ibarra
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Re: VA7100 free space?

I have already posted this query elsewhere, but it seems like a good place to post an answer... I'd like to thank Cho for the "silverbullet" answer as to the "armdsp -a" command to get to know the available/allocated space.
I have a VA7100 configured with 6 36gb drives, one of them hotspare.... according to the formula I should be able to get at least 90(36*5/2) Gb allocable space in Raid 1/0 Mode... However I only get 64 or so... and don't know how to change the mode to Raid 5dp... Is there any way of doing so?
Mark Henry_1
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Re: VA7100 free space?


I believe Raid 5DP is now available with the new VA7100 firmware..

Don't have specifics on the firmware rev though..

Enes Dizdarevic
Honored Contributor

Re: VA7100 free space?

Lattest version of firmware is HP13. It supports raid 1/0 and autoraid (there is no support for raid5dp only).
Having 64 GB of usable disk space with 6x36GB drives meand that active hot spare is set to use capacity of 2 drives (this is default settings). (in both modes usable space is les than 2x36, in raid 1/0 you have mirror, in raid5dp 2 drives are used for parity, deduct some space for cache image). You can get additional 36GB of usable space changing active host spare settings to use capacity of one disk only.