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VA7100 newbe help

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VA7100 newbe help

I have a VA7100 that appears to have 13 drives.
M/D1 Disk 3HX027NM Good
M/D2 Disk 3HX0N680 Good
M/D3 Disk 3ET06FKN Good
M/D4 Disk 3ET0LR8M Good
M/D5 Disk 3ET0LYNE Good
M/D6 Disk 3ET0NEG5 Good
M/D7 Disk 3ET0L6TH Good
M/D8 Disk 3ET0JZQM Good
M/D9 Disk 3ET0K380 Good
M/D10 Disk 3HX07KRM Good
M/D11 Disk 3ET07NMW Good
M/D12 Disk 3ET0J0XT Good
M/D13 Disk 3ET0656J Good

The redundancy group only has 12 of them in there and one left out, I think?

Total Disk Enclosures:________________1

Redundancy Group:_____________________1
Total Disks:________________________12
Total Physical Size:________________400.543 GB
Allocated to Regular LUNs:__________241.009 GB
Allocated as Business Copies:_______0 bytes
Used as Active Hot Spare:___________33.375 GB
Used for Redundancy:________________90.672 GB
Unallocated (Available for LUNs):___35.486 GB

Used by Non-Included Disks:___________33.378 GB

I belive disk 11 is the one left out because it does not have a Redundancy group assigned and it has a disk state of "previously used". I believe that is what is referenced in the above "Used by Non-Included Disks" output. My question is 1, am I correct? 2 what are the steps to add that disk to the redundancy group. I believe I would use armmgr or armcfg?

Thanks for the help.

Luk Vandenbussche
Honored Contributor

Re: VA7100 newbe help


1. The auto include option is off
2. You change it with armmgr -i on/off

Re: VA7100 newbe help

Not to argue because I am in no position to argue,but it looks to be on, I think.

Auto Include:_________________________On
Auto Rebuild:_________________________On
Hot Spare:____________________________Automatic
Max Drives per Loop Pair:_____________15
Max Drives per Subsystem:_____________15

Re: VA7100 newbe help

attached is the whole output from armdsp -a.

That would probably help out. Should have done that before. sorry...
Honored Contributor

Re: VA7100 newbe help

The "previously used" disk state indicates that the drive contains information that indicates it was previously being used by another array controller. A user removed the drive from another subsystem and inserted it into this subsystem.

In this case, eventhough the auto-include and autoformat are enabled, the disk won't get added on account of data protection. You need to manually add the disk using armcfg command or SDM GUI.

# armcfg -D M/D11 -a

Check logs using armlog or logprn commands to get more details.

Before adding the disk, I would suggest/recommend to upgrade the firmware of the disk ( currently HP05 )to HP06. This would require downtime. You can get the firmware for the disk model at


You might also want to upgrade the controller firmware etc to latest ones as mentioned in the link.