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VA7110 changing from RAID 1+0 to AUTORAID

Sreejith Kaliyam
Regular Advisor

VA7110 changing from RAID 1+0 to AUTORAID


I have one VA7110 connected to four servers and enabled secure manager.Customer currently want to go with RAID 1+0.Later in case of more space requirement he may like to change to AUTORAID.As far as my understading this can be done with out recreating LUNs.My question is if array has been fully utilized and if I change to raid leval from 1+0 to AUTORAID will the remaining space will be available immediately?? Doesn't VA will takes time to migrate from RAID1+0 to raid 5 DP ?? if VA takes time how much approximately for 73GB*13 HDD

Thanks in advance


Ricardo Rocha
Valued Contributor

Re: VA7110 changing from RAID 1+0 to AUTORAID

Hello Anoop

I guess you already know that you can only change from RAID 1+0 to Autoraid and not the other way around.

When you change this setting the array will start spreading the data according to the Autoraid status. I cannot quantify how long will it take, but the data will not be available immediately. Rule of thumb : way one day.....

Good luck,

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