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VA7110 ---device not ready

Valued Contributor

VA7110 ---device not ready

Hi All,

How can I overcome the below problem?
# armcfg -L 0 -a 10M -g 1 00USE4230A83

Status : Array Status
Device is not ready.

I get this message from 'armdsp' command also. Pls see the attachment, while open launcher.

Ricardo Rocha
Valued Contributor

Re: VA7110 ---device not ready

Hi Richard

Is the VA with the green led lit?
Try doing this on the ms-dos window.


armdsp -i

armdsp -a

If you're able to read the armdsp -a output see if everything is ok. Then try again to create the lun.

If it still fails, try



armdsp -i

armdsp -a

Good luck and tell us how it goes,

"there is this old man who spent so much of his life sleeping that he is able to keep awake for the rest of his years"
Rajesh G. Ghone
Regular Advisor

Re: VA7110 ---device not ready

Hi Richard,

Can u attach armdsp -a & logprn output??

Rajesh G.
Rajesh Ghone