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VA7400 AutoRaid vs. RAID 1+0

Martti Lautamaki
Occasional Contributor

VA7400 AutoRaid vs. RAID 1+0

Have anybody really experience about performance difference between Raid levels in VA7400 box?
We will install Informix database(raw devices) to VA7400.

Harjit Gill
Occasional Advisor

Re: VA7400 AutoRaid vs. RAID 1+0

I did not see any replies to you question and I am about to implement 1.3TB Informix database on an VA7400. Good thing is that database will be used in read-only mode with light loads.

Wondering if you had any issues?
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Roger Buckthal_2
Frequent Advisor

Re: VA7400 AutoRaid vs. RAID 1+0

The performance of the different RAID levels is very dependent on the individual workload of you systems.

RAID 1+0 will provide the highest, no risk, performance for all workloads, but itâ s the most expensive in a cost per capacity. If you have the capacity, just choose RAID 1+0.

AutoRAID can match the performance of RAID 1+0, at a much lower cost per capacity, but the performance results are dependent on the workload characteristics. Workloads that fair well are ones that 1) typically have more reads (>75%) than writes, and 2) have a cyclic demand (as an example, high demand during the day, low at night).

These characteristics are typical of most data base applications.

HP uses the VA arrays for all their HPUX TCP-C benchmark testing because of their excellent RAID 1+0 price performance.

Other helpful information:
- If youâ re using HPUX, must sure you understand queue depth management.
- An array can easily be converted from RAID 1+0 to AutoRAID on-line. But you can also go from AutoRAID to RAID 1+0 on-line by managing the â Magic Capa