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VA7400 Power faillure

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VA7400 Power faillure

VA7400 with one enclosure
We had a power (power 1 right one Main enclosure) failure on VA7410 with umber led on, and armdsp -a show the failure. The power supply was changed, the VA7410 become ready for only 30 min and the second power supply (power 2 left one)!
Two others power supply are ordered, and after days one was replaced again,
Again the VA become READY for only a few time and again we have the new inserted power failure.
We still doubted this news power and we decided to replace it again. And after this action it is the same status The VA7410 become READY for few hours and the power supply in the same slot (power 2) become out with a warning state!
What happened with this array?
If any can help.

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Re: VA7400 Power faillure

Check the array log for the possible failure cause. It maybe the blower which is causing problem or mid-plane.