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VA7400 Storage Array

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VA7400 Storage Array

Dear Experts,

We have a VA7400 Storage Array . This consists of 15 x 73.4GB and 4 x 18GB disks. Right now there are 10 empty slots and where fillers have put. We want to increase the VA capacity and want to add 5 more disks of 73.4GB. Just want to know whether we can add it in place of fillers in VA7400 or have to purchase another disk enclosure. Because according to HP Representative we have to go for a seperate disk enclosure.

Also if we have to add the disks can it be added on the fly [hot-pluggable] or require to shutdown the array. Current raid level for array is RAID 0+1 , so for these new disks how to enforce the same raid level or can these be added in Autoraid.
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Vincent Farrugia
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Re: VA7400 Storage Array


You don't need to purchase an additional disk enclosure, since the disks can be mixed within the same enclosure.

You don't need to shutdown array to add disks. Since disks arrive preformatted with 512-byte sectors, these will be formatted to 520-byte sectors for VA recognition as soon as you enter them in the VA7400. This would take long, around 28 minutes per disk for the 73Gb ones.

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