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VA7400 / Windows direct connect

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VA7400 / Windows direct connect

Does anyone know how I can direct connect a va7400 to a DL360 using a Qlogic HBA 2312? Windows is seeing the controller A6189A and is asking for the driver. I can not locate a driver for it. Any help is appreciated.
Mike Shilladay
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Re: VA7400 / Windows direct connect


Try this page:


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Re: VA7400 / Windows direct connect

Your multipath driver for the HBA should be aware of the device.

Add. info:


Hope this helps!

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Shweta Verma
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Re: VA7400 / Windows direct connect

VA7400 can be connected to the the hosts running the following windows OS:

Windows 2000 SP4
Windows 2003(IA32/IA64)
Windows Server NT4 SP6a

Which Qlogic HBA card are you using? A qlogic 2312 card can be any of the following QLogic products: QLA2340, QLA2342, or QLA2344

The corresponding HP Driver name would be FC2214(QLA2340) or FC2214Dc(QLA2342). You can search for the following driver on www.hp.com


Make sure that your VA7400 runs on the latest controller firmware. The latest firmware available in HP22.
If you have a serial cable available, you can hook it to the RS232 port on the VA7400 controller maintenance port and the other end to the DB9 port on your laptop.

Run a hyperterminal session with bits/second set to 9600, data bits=8,parity=None, Stop bits=1 and flowcontrol set up to none.

Virtual front panel commands can be used to configure your VA and also to display information about the various fru components eg. vfpdsp.
You will have to set VA port's host port behaviour to "Windows", set the correct fc topology and the port speed using vfp

Also, the VA requires a LUN 0 to be visible by the server for the server to manage the array without RS232 port. LUN 0 can be any size.

Next step, would be install Command View SDM on your Windows host. The latest version is 1.09.02 but 1.09.01 also works great.You can get it from www.hp.com too. Command view SDM can be used to manage the array from the host side.

Also, you would need to install autopath for failover management and load balancing if needed.

Here is a complete VA software download link

User and service Guide for Virtual array