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VA7400 and Netware 6 Multipath

David Tapper
Occasional Contributor

VA7400 and Netware 6 Multipath


We have a customer with seven Netware 6 servers connected throu a single Brocade Silkworm 2800 to a VA7400.
The Brocade switch has three zones, one for tape and a zone for each controller. (Controller1 and Controller2...)
LUN:s in RG1 are published to servers in the zone Controller1 and LUN:s in RG2 are published to servers in the zone Controller2.

We are now about to extend the SAN with an additional switch (StorageWorks 2-16 EL) and install one additional FCA (FCA2210) in four of the Netware servers.

Has anyone of you done such thing before? What to keep in mind?
I cannot find any good documentation about Netware and Multipath on HP's website.



Re: VA7400 and Netware 6 Multipath


you should use Q-Logic HBAs (Im not sure but I think the 2210 is a Q-Logic 2340)
The Netware driver for the Q-Logic HBAs has an integrated Autopath funktion.
It works fine in our Environment
(Novell Netware 6 Cluster whith Q-Logic HBAs, VA 7100, VA7110, Brocade 2400 and 2/16EL