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VA7400 and Win Server 2003

Joe Short
Super Advisor

VA7400 and Win Server 2003

I have a client that has a VA7400 array, that is currently SAN attached to an HP-UX (11i) environment. CVSDM is running on HP-UX. They would like to add a server running Windows 2003 server. Is this a compatible configuration? Is server 2003 supported on the VA7400 array? CVSDM will not be installed, I am only concerned with presenting and using LUNs to the new Windosw 2003 server.
kris rombauts
Honored Contributor

Re: VA7400 and Win Server 2003

Hello Joe,

no problem, the VA7xxx supports different hosts running different OS concurrently.

The only 2 things you should do is :

1) add the WWN of the fibre channel HBA in to a textfile and download that file with the armhost command into the array.
That textfile is just to map the WWN to the right OS type, Windows in this case.

This is only needed if you have a mixture of OS types to the same array, in case you only have one OS type, then the OS type set in the controller port configuration will be enough.

2) use the LUN security mechanisms to isolate the HP UX server LUNs from the Windows host and vice versa.

This is all explained in the cvsdm manuals.


on page 145-147 of the Installation and User guide explains the host table.


The armhost command is used to manage the arrayâ s host port behavior table. This table maps each host to an associated operating system-dependent communication protocol or behavior. Each operating system communicates differently with the array, so the array must be aware of what operating system each host is running. The host port behavior table is the mechanism by which
the array identifies the host operating system.

armhost {-r -f }
armhost {-w [-c] -f }
.... etc ...

Although CVSDM is also supported on the Windows OS, their is no need to add it since you already have it on the HP UX system. You can however connect to the CVSDM webserver from the Windows system if needed via your browser using :


To properly configure access to this cvsdm webserver, pls see the manuals also.


Joe Short
Super Advisor

Re: VA7400 and Win Server 2003

Now the server comes up and asks for a driver for the array. Is there any driver to be added to this Windows 2003 server?
Joe Short
Super Advisor

Re: VA7400 and Win Server 2003

I ended up loading CVSDM 1.08 on the Windows Server 2003 system. This resolved my problems. Thanks for the help.