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VA7400 came to halt

asghar khan
Occasional Visitor

VA7400 came to halt

the va7400 at my company came to a halt. there were two disks showing alarm light. at first we thought it were the harddisks that were faulty. but then we sent the logs to our regional support center we were advised that it was the controller that had gone faulty.
how is this possible.
Steven E. Protter
Exalted Contributor

Re: VA7400 came to halt

Controllers go bad.

When two disks die at exactly the same moment its probably not the disks. Unless you dropped them.

When that happens you look for common elements. Cables, drive cage(if present).

The good news is its likely there is still good data on the two drives.

Have the controller replaced and if you're lucky thats all you have to do. That and perhaps a database recovery. Depends what was on the disks.

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