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VA7400 link problem at controlleur C2

Stephen Coll
Occasional Advisor

VA7400 link problem at controlleur C2

hell0 .
i have a problem with a va 7400 with fw hp 13 with 02 jbods A0 et A1 with an application GSM online the va is in a warning state .


I do armdsp ???s and i have this message :


Scrub Restart Period:_________________7190 minutes
Scrub State:__________________________Paused or pre-empted by a higher priorit
y policy

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The array is OPTIMIZING.
The array is SCRUBBING.


WARNING: The configuration of the subsystem is such that one or more drives ha
s only a single path of access to it.

And after i do armdsp ???c ,i remarked that the M/C1.J1 BackEnd Port link is ??? linkdown ??? and M/C2.J1 BackEnd Port link is ??? linkup???

And when i do armdsp ???f ,i don???t see in the listing of backend link from c1 jbod port to jbods A0 and A1

So ,i think that is a link problem betwen c1 and Jbods.

I have a look to the rear enclousure controleurs and jbods, i remarked that the FC link led at jbod A0 port 1 is off.

I plugged out the FC cable ,and plugged in again ,this Fc link led become green.

But the array is alway in warning state and the same status are displayed( armdsp ???s ???f ???c ) and still doing scrubbing.

I do i partial reset for the va ,i pluged out the controleur C1 and the LCC1 card jbod A0to do a hard reset for controlleur but no way ,it is alway the same status.
All FC links Leds are green ,and all leds are green ,there is no fault ,no hardware error at the rear of enclosure, and the M/C1.J1 BackEnd Port link is ??? linkdown ??? after doing armdsp ???c.

IS it controlleur C1 problem? Or LCC1 at jbod0 problem?

Can i stop the scrubbing?

Can i do a shutdown for a VA ( if possible because GSM application is running on )? And with out risk for the map table.

If i change the controlleur with a new one ,whow to recongnize that the newer controlleur has not an HP14 fw ?to do the autoclone from the controleur C2 with have have HP 13 fw.

Can i interchange the Lcc1 jbods jbod A0 and jbod A1 ,to fixe the problem if it is in controleur or in lcc? With out risk because link at controlleur C2 is running.

Best regards

there is an attached file with

Eugeny Brychkov
Honored Contributor

Re: VA7400 link problem at controlleur C2

Hello Stephen,
this firmware your disk array has - HP13 - is a very old one. Latest is HP18, and it's highly recommended to install it.
So the action plan for you is:
- call HP, schedule VA firmware upgrade (will require downtime), inform them about your issues and ask them to have spare FC JBOD cable, main controller and LCC onsite;
- make full VA data backup;
- make VA healty (as I see you can do it reconnecting cables, or if not as HP CE to revive VA replacing parts);
- upgrade CommandView SDM to 1.06;
- upgrade VA firmware to HP18.
Then monitor VA. Please keep us posted.