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VA7400 performance baseline

Greg Traud_2
Frequent Advisor

VA7400 performance baseline

We have a VA7400 SAN with 4TB of storage of which 2.1TB is allocated. It is connected via fiber to two brocade switches. Also connected to the brocades are four L class boxes, a 4/40 tape library, and a Windows 2003 server which contains the profiles of all windows users on the domain.
We're running Oracle 8i and 9i, and Oracle Financials.

Some of our remote users complain of lockups, disconnects, and overall slow response. I read in another article on this forum that a user was experiencing similar symptoms, and tracked it down to the VA7400.

My challenge is that I don't know what is 'optimum'performance on the VA, so I can't really tell what our performance is. I just inherited this situation a couple of months ago.

I've spent alot of time collecting megs of stats on the VA7400, but have no 'normal' performance stats to compare them to.

Would someone care to tell me (as simply as you can, please... I'm no whiz at this stuff) what a good baseline would be?
Mahesh Kumar Malik
Honored Contributor

Re: VA7400 performance baseline