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VA7400 slow rebuild

Alex Chau
Occasional Advisor

VA7400 slow rebuild

I have a VA7400 with 6 DS2405 disk enclosures.
Totaling 105 73GB disks.
Everytime I have a disk failure, my disk array goes into auto rebuild and the rebuild takes 50 hours to complete. 2% per hour on the hour. I have a script that check it every hour and it is 2% progress every hour. I have changed by rebuild priority from high to low to high to low with no response differences.

I would be grateful with any suggestions. Thanks in advance.

My configurations are as follows:

Total Disk Enclos


Redundancy Group:_____________________1
Total Disks:________________________55
Total Physical Size:________________3.585 TB
Allocated to Regular LUNs:__________2.343 TB
Allocated as Business Copies:_______0 bytes
Used as Active Hot Spare:___________133.507 GB
Used for Redundancy:________________427.614 GB
Unallocated (Available for LUNs):___710.513 GB

Redundancy Group:_____________________2
Total Disks:________________________49
Total Physical Size:________________3.194 TB
Allocated to Regular LUNs:__________2.343 TB
Allocated as Business Copies:_______0 bytes
Used as Active Hot Spare:___________133.507 GB
Used for Redundancy:________________386.147 GB
Unallocated (Available for LUNs):___351.447 GB


RAID Level:___________________________HPAutoRAID
Auto Format Drive:____________________On
Hang Detection:_______________________On
Capacity Depletion Threshold:_________100%
Queue Full Threshold Maximum:_________4096
Enable Optimize Policy:_______________True
Enable Manual Override:_______________False
Manual Override Destination:__________False
Read Cache Disable:___________________False
Rebuild Priority:_____________________Low
Security Enabled:_____________________False
Shutdown Completion:__________________0
Subsystem Type ID:____________________1
Unit Attention:_______________________True
Volume Set Partition (VSpart):________False
Write Cache Enable:___________________True
Write Working Set Interval:___________8640
Enable Prefetch:______________________True
Disable Secondary Path Presentation:__False
Backend Diagnostics:__________________Off


Simplified Resiliency Setting:________Normal Performance (Default)
Enable Secure Mode:___________________True
Disable NVRAM on UPS Absent:__________False
Disable NVRAM on WCE False:___________False
Disable Read Hits:____________________False
Force Unit Access Response:___________1
Lock Write Cache On:__________________True
Performance Goal Configuration:_______Normal Performance
Resiliency Threshold:_________________4
Single Controller Warning:____________True


Auto Include:_________________________On
Auto Rebuild:_________________________On
Hot Spare:____________________________LargestTwoDisks
Max Drives per Loop Pair:_____________105
Max Drives per Subsystem:_____________105


Max Enclosures per Loop Pair:_________6
Max Enclosures per Subsystem:_________6
Alex Chau
Occasional Advisor

Re: VA7400 slow rebuild

I have forgotten to mention that performance is very slow during the rebuild. Thanks for reading.
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: VA7400 slow rebuild

See this setting:

Rebuild Priority:_____________________Low

As long as the array is busy and the priority is low, the rebuild will run while the system is almost idle.

Hope this helps!

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Alex Chau
Occasional Advisor

Re: VA7400 slow rebuild

Torstern, Thanks for the reply. I have changed the rebuild priority many time low to high and other times high to low. Same slow. It is about 2% per hour. Any ideas?