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VA7410 Phantom Enclosure

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VA7410 Phantom Enclosure

Here is the situation:

A disk was failed on a VA7410. The disk was replaced normally and things appeared to go fine. However, in checking the status of the array we found the following warnings:

WARNING: One or more of the target devices (attached to the JBOD ports) were unable to obtain their hard address during the fibre channel address acquisition process.

WARNING: The configuration of the subsystem is such that one or more drives has only a single path of access to it.

At first it was thought that perhaps the disk replacement went awry, as reviewing the armdsp shows that this disk (location JB1/D2), was not even present.

Further inspection shows that the array created a phantom enclosure that not only contains the replacement disk, but also a disk from slot JB3/D2. Here is the output of that enclosure:

Enclosure at PB
Enclosure ID__________________________0
Enclosure Status______________________Good
Enclosure Type________________________PHANTOM
Node WWN______________________________null

PB Enclosure Good
PB/D1 Disk 3KS0NJWD0000 Good
PB/D2 Disk 404302310045 Good

After doing some research I did see that this known when adding ds2405 enclosures to an array with low firmware. However, this was just a disk replacement, and the firmware is the latest for the VA7410 @ A140.

Everything else appears to be good and there is plenty of space in the hot spare pool. I have attached the results of armdsp -a for review. I am waiting for the controller logs, but not sure what to expect there.

Also note that this condition did not exist prior to the disk replacement.

Any enlightenment on this issue will be appreciated.

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Re: VA7410 Phantom Enclosure

Just to update on this.....

It was found that the disk we had installed was not acting very well as it was reporting many drive events (device unhandled). We replaced this disk once again and the phantom enclosure situation went away.

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