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VA7410 and Oracle IO Slaves

Jeffrey Killian
Frequent Advisor

VA7410 and Oracle IO Slaves

Any experience with Oracle and virtual arrays?
As we know little about the technology "under the covers" of what makes the VA work, we seek a suggestion on caculating the # of IO slaves we should set when using the VA7410.

We have a new machine (an rp7410 & va7410) with a small number of large (73G) drives to move our production database to. Our present production system (on rp74x0 & FC60) uses a large number (16) of small (18G) drives. In production we set Oracle DBWR_IO_SLAVE=32 (#drives*2) and get pretty good performance.

It appears that the target system will be using 3 drives to house the same amount of data. Oracle suggests setting IO Slaves by calculating 2 x number of drives.