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VA7410 and hostname

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Occasional Advisor

VA7410 and hostname


we have installed an rp7410 attached to a VA7410. We installed CVSDM: everything worked fine until we changed the hostname.
Armdiscover shows old hostname and there's some problem in managing the array (e.g. dual path is not available).
We removed and reinstalled CVSDM, hoping this worked, but we were not lucky at all.

Do you have any suggestions?

Steven E. Protter
Exalted Contributor

Re: VA7410 and hostname

find / -exec grep -l -i 'hostname' {} \;

This will identify every config file that has the old hostname. You will need to change them after figureing out the impact.

Afterwards a system restart is a good idea.

Steven E Protter
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Vincent Abad

Re: VA7410 and hostname

Hi Allesio,

If you have change the hostname properly, with "set_params".
You could try the following procedure to manage your array with new hostname.

1- Stop the daemon responsible of array management

# /opt/sanmgr/commandview/server/sbin/HA_Dial_Stop

2 - Restart the daemons

# /opt/sanmgr/commandview/server/sbin/HA_Dial_Start

3 - Run armdiscover

The result must show entrys for both old and new name

4 - Delete the old_hostname from the db

# armdiscover -h "old_hostname" -delete

5 - Re-run armdiscover to see if change taker effect.

Hope this help!


Wolfgang Maier
Occasional Visitor

Re: VA7410 and hostname


we had the same problem and I tried to profit by the given hints.
I got the SDM working again with the following procedure:

1. the command "set_parms hostname" does not change the configuration of the sanmgr.

2. to search for files containing I used the command:
find / -type f -exec grep -l -i {} \;
( wihtout "-type f" option the find command does not return beause of pipes )

3. change hostname in:

4. restart the management daemons:
( it is not at .../server/... )

5. delete the from the db
armdiscover -h -delete

After this procedure the "armdsp" -commands are now working as before.

regards Wolfgang Maier