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VA7410 controller link down

Nick Lewers

VA7410 controller link down

HPUX 11i. We lost power for a very long time the other day, and when the server came back up I see the following error in the syslog:

Sep 13 02:53:24 rico syslog: CVSDM; INFORMATION Event Code=400; Description=542:
BACKEND_LINK_DOWN_EH A disk interface has been down for longer than the time all
owed for normal recovery. Array function will continue without use of this chan
nel. This can be caused by a bad connection to disks (internal orexternal), or
by a failind disk or controller.; Ckpt 0x16016d: 0x00000002 ctlr 1 loop 1; backe
nd: Link Inactive, abort init; enclosureId/slot/component/subcomponent : 0x00/0x
01/0x81/0xff; controller tick : 28089740914699; serialNum/moduleId/
processId : 00PR02146122/0x16/0xffffffff; ; Hardware Address=1/0/8/1/
.14.0; FRU Location=M/C2.J2; Vendor ID=HP; Model ID=A6218A; Product S/N=00SG230J
0315; Latest information on this event at http://docs.hp.com/hpux/content/hardwa

I have attached the armdisp output, that controller comes back with a good status just that it is not online. Is there a safe way to clear this error while the array is up to get the link back up?
Nick Lewers

Re: VA7410 controller link down

The error is erroneous in my case.