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VA7410 issue

Gary Glick
Frequent Advisor

VA7410 issue

Hello all,
I had a disk failure on my VA7410 which was replaced yesterday. The thing is the VA is still indicating that there is a disk missing.

Here's the info from armdsp -a: (trimmed up a bit)
The following disk is reported MISSING by the controller:
Vendor ID:________________HP 0146G
Product ID:_______________ST3146807FC
Data Capacity:____________133.514 GB (280000001 blocks)
Block Length:_____________520 bytes
Serial Number:____________3HY6BLM1
Volume Set Serial Number:_0000341200000008
Node WWN:_________________2000000c507fed9d

The serial number is the same as the one for the disk that was replaced.

I have attached the entire "armdsp -a name" output to provide context for the message above. It is listed after the last of the regular disk disk entries. All of the disks are accounted for, are included and appear to be functioning normally.

I know there's some firmware updates that could be done, but there are 24x7 production servers attached to the array and the outage window may take a while to obtain.

I have performed a partial reset of the array "armmgr -R partial name" and the issue has survived.

Would a full reset take the luns off-line? I am under the impression that it does, which is why I haven't done one yet.

I'd love any tips or suggestions. If more info is needed let me know what you need and I'll do my best ot get it.

Thank you

Esteemed Contributor

Re: VA7410 issue

i could see all disks are online in the main enclosure, JA0 and JB2 JBODs. Do you know when it first occured (disk missing)?
You can try running the logprn command to verify the logs. e.g. :

#logprn -a bob -s 09010000 -t all

supposedly you want to check logs beginning sept, 1st.
Gary Glick
Frequent Advisor

Re: VA7410 issue

The issue cleaned itself up after a rebuild was completed and the disk was replaced.