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VA7410 new firmware A120 download ?

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Occasional Contributor

VA7410 new firmware A120 download ?


We have a VA7410 storage array with firmware release A100.
But we want to upgrade command view SDM to version 1.07.
For this software it is recommended to use the VA7410 firmware version A120.
Where can i download this version ? and is it possible to install itself ?

What are the differences between version A100 and A120 ?

Please help !

Rein van Klompenburg
email: reink@simac.nl
The Netherlands
Marco Hogeveen
Honored Contributor

Re: VA7410 new firmware A120 download ?

Firmware A120 is not available yet and when it will be available only HP or HP authorized support personell can download and install it.

contact hp at the end of this year for more info.

Michele (Mike) Alberton
Regular Advisor

Re: VA7410 new firmware A120 download ?


both HP19/A120 and CommandView 1.07 have been recently made available by HP. Contact your local support to get an update from them, it's supposed to be covered by maintenance contract.



Re: VA7410 new firmware A120 download ?

I just received an E-mail from a field engineer who is supposed to upgrade our firmware tonight. He emailed the disk firmware but told me to down load command view from ITRC. I hope he knows where to find it when he gets here.
Sandeep Mangla_2
Occasional Visitor

Re: VA7410 new firmware A120 download ?

I called HP Support recently and a tech downloaded Command View 1.07 from a HP internal web site (http://tce-web.boi.hp.com/prod_port/Disk%20Arrays/) and then uploaded it to hprc.external.hp.com. The depot file has bloated from 43 MB (1.06) to 110 MB - so be prepared for a looong download !
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Re: VA7410 new firmware A120 download ?

All the people who answered my question, Thanks !

I know what i have to do with it.
My problem is solved.

With regards,

Rein van Klompenburg
The Netherlands.