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Re: VA7410 on MPE

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VA7410 on MPE

MPE system
My VA array
Direct Attach OS - MPE on ALL controllers
I was able to configure 15 luns but the OS would only recognize 8 - for some reason
After messing around with the configuration - now the OS is only able to see lun0
I have no idea how I got in this predicament
Can someone provide some clues ??
Marcus France

Re: VA7410 on MPE

Hi - just wondered how you got in with this one. We are about to attach a VA7410 to an HPe3000 N4000 server. We have read that you can only have 8 luns, but does this mean in 8 in total or 8 down each fibre channel. Any tips you can give me on best performance configuration for a VA7410 with MPE?

Many thanks in advance.
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Re: VA7410 on MPE

Did you adjust host_port_behavior to MPE?

Hope this helps!

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