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VA7410 shows all disks failed

Jason Dommasch
Occasional Contributor

VA7410 shows all disks failed

We have a VA7410 that we use for testing. Recently we powered it on, and all the drives had the solid orange and solid green lights on. I connected to the serial management port, and it indicated "Not enough drives".

I tried a number of things, including armrecovery, but the results didn't turn out as hoped. The data on the drives isn't critical and we have backup tapes.

After trying different commands I ended up with all the drive lights flashing orange. I just want to reset the array so that I can allocate new LUNs again (and stop all the drives from flashing orange). I don't need to recover any data from the drives.

Honored Contributor

Re: VA7410 shows all disks failed

Hi Jason,

Just connect up a serial cable to one of the controllers and issue the "vfpfmt" command. This will format the array and allow you to go forward. Don't forget to create a 10MB LUN 0 for management of the array. Hopefully you have a User Guide to complete the setup. If not, poke around the HP sight and I'm usure you can downlaod the manaul.


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