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VAAI on ESXi 5.1 with P2000 G3

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VAAI on ESXi 5.1 with P2000 G3



We currently have several ESXi 5.1 servers and several HP P2000 G3 fiber channel SANs.


On one of the new ProLiant Gen8s, we used the HP customized image to load ESXi 5.1, and this includes the VAAI extension.   However, the other servers were created using the standard ESXi 5.1 image from VMware.


On those servers, we attempted to add the VAAI extension via Update Manager (several easy to follow resources are available on how to do so) but the extension comes up as "non-compliant" in Update Manager.   I did some digging into the VAAI extension zip file and, in several places, it is referenced as supporting version 5.0.0.   I am guessing why this gives the non-compliant error.


Any idea where I can find a VAAI extension that I can add to a generic ESXi 5.1 server?




Davy Priem
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Re: VAAI on ESXi 5.1 with P2000 G3

see http://h18004.www1.hp.com/products/servers/software/vmware-esxi/driver_version.html to see components included in hp custom vmware image.


Re: VAAI on ESXi 5.1 with P2000 G3



Did you find the plugin in question?

We are facing the same problem.


Browsing the web for about an hour now, however I'm not able to find the 2.1 version of that plugin for standalone download. All documents I found link to the old 2.0 version which does not seem to work with 5.1



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Re: VAAI on ESXi 5.1 with P2000 G3

Hi all,


After few weeks of looking for the plugin and trying everything (Update manager, Cli etc) - I have found the solution and storage is so much quicker now and HW acceleration is supported now.


Found it on another forum when someone had the same problem with othe plugin.


You will need to SSH to the ESXi 5.1 host move or shutdown all the VMs and put it maintenance mode.  

Command to install it.

I used WinSCP to upload the HP VIB package to the /tmp directory of the ESXi 5.1 host.  Do remember to enable SSH on the ESXi 5.1 host to allow SSH connection.

Then I used Putty to SSH to the ESXi 5.1 host and run the following command to install the VIB package.

esxcli software vib install –d /tmp/hp^&*^&^.zip


After restart. All works



Re: VAAI on ESXi 5.1 with P2000 G3

Do you know what VIB package the VAAI is included with? I found the following link with the packages that are included with the HP ESX image.


Drivers included with ESX image

G N Brooks

Re: VAAI on ESXi 5.1 with P2000 G3

I just got the P200 G3 in and I have it connected up. vSphere 5.1 sees the HBAs OK, but I cannot add a virtual disk on the SAN to the datastores.


Were can we download the VAAI add-on? It did not come with it and have been unable to download form the Internet.