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VDS Problem with MSA 2212fc on w2k8

Occasional Contributor

VDS Problem with MSA 2212fc on w2k8

I try to create a LUN with "Storage Manager for SANs" in W2k8 Ent. x64 on a MSA 2212fc DC Enh. Model. I have two vdisk: raid10 on SAS disks and raid5 on sata disks. Creating a LUN on the raid10 vdisk is succesful, on the raid 5 vdisk i receive this error:

"The LUN cannot be created. The subsystem does not have enough drives to complete the requested operation."

Nothing in the Event Logs nor in the MSA Log.

raid5 vdisk has 4 Drives, 2.2TB and ~2TB free.
VDS/VSS Pack (msa2000-fc-vds-vss- installed.

Does anyone have additional insight on this?
Wojciech Leszczynski
Occasional Visitor

Re: VDS Problem with MSA 2212fc on w2k8

Hi bouli,

Did you manage to get over it?

I have similar situation - deleted one of LUNs using SAN Storage Manager in W2K8 and now cannot create new one with same parameters and getting same error as you did.

Please let me know.