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VM Ware ESX and HP EVA

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VM Ware ESX and HP EVA

Hi All,
I am trying to clean up some stuff on our 3 EVAs

We have LUNs allocated on the EVAs to VM Ware ESX servers. Looking at CV EVA i have one set of names and on the ESX servers I have another set of names and I dont know which LUNs are where and on which EVA as the names dont match.

could someone please tell me some way where I can identify the correct EVA, and LUN thats to a VM Machine.

All ideas are welcome as I am completely blank.

ps. if all that does not make sense, i can try once more. its friday 5 pm and i lost my mind earlier in the day :(
Jean-Yves Picard
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Re: VM Ware ESX and HP EVA


start from EVA, there is a tab called 'port' on a given Host which look likes
Total adapter ports: 2
FC Adapter Port WWN

on VMware console
Inventory -> (host) -> Configuration -> Storage Adapter
select SAN adapter, you'll be able to match (or unmatch).

(this work if hosts is down, looking for a way if hosts is up)


Jonathan Harris_3
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Re: VM Ware ESX and HP EVA

Which version of VMWare are you using?

I've written a short script that will pull out the WWID of the LUN on the VMWare box which you can then compare to the WWIDs in CVE. However, this only works for ESX 2.5.

See attached script (please bear in mind that I'm a storage networking bod, not a *nix SA, so my coding leaves a lot to be desired :)

Create a file on your VMWare box (eg, in /opt/bin), copy and paste the contents of the script in to this file. Save, chmod +x the file and then run.
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Re: VM Ware ESX and HP EVA

Best way to find this is to run the SSSU tool and run the command 'LS HOST FULL XML' assuming that you are using Command View EVA 6. Command View EVA 6 comes with SSSU6

Usually we find an icon for this on the desktop but if it is not there we can access it from
C:\Program Files\Hewlett-Packard\SANworks\Element Manager for StorageWorks HSV\Bridge\sssu.exe

Logon to SSSU by typing the following command

SELECT MANAGER X.X.X.X username=xxxxxxx password=xxxxxxxx

Where X.X.X.X is the IP of SMA. Username and password is for Element Manager which by default is Administrator and Administrator unless and untill somebody has changed it. Bad luck if you do not know.. but we can definetly reset it.

Once you are logged in, select the EVA for which we want to gather the info


then run the command
Make sure you direct the output to a text file becos it might be big.. this output will give you all the details you want..

Hope this helps