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VM Ware and EVA

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VM Ware and EVA

I am upgrading the XCS code this week. Offline upgrade.

I am shutting down the Virtual servers on this EVA but the ESX server will be online since it has other virtual servers with LUNs on other EVAs.

WIll I need to unpresent the LUNs allocated from the servers I am shutting down ? on the EVA i am upgrading.

Rob Leadbeater
Honored Contributor

Re: VM Ware and EVA


I wouldn't have thought so no. The ESX servers will lose their connection to the EVA for a short time whilst the controllers reboot. It shouldn't be necessary to unpresent the LUNs.


Ivan Ferreira
Honored Contributor

Re: VM Ware and EVA

You don't need to unpresent the LUNs but you must be sure that no I/O operations are done to those LUNs from the ESX server.

Unpresenting the LUNs is a way to ensure that no I/O is performed. You could also remove from the zoning configuration to ensure that.
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