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Va 7410

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Va 7410

Strange problem with my VA. I can access the luns that I configured, they are mounted and working well. However, I cannot administer the VA using commandview (launcher). I have rebooted both the server and the VA... so avail. Please assist.

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Re: Va 7410


1)Can you administer the VA by 'cvui'?
#cvui << On a local host
#cvui -h << From a remote client
#cvui -h {array_id} << From a remote client - connects to
specified array

2)Are you running launcher as a regular user? CVSDM 1.07 has access security which I believe 'secadmin'.

3)You can also try from web browser:

best regards,
Karthik S S
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Re: Va 7410

Also you should have an entry for the hostname/IP from where you are running the Launcher in the following file,


does armdsp shows you the array ID? try running armdiscover and relaunch the GUI.

-Karthik S S
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Re: Va 7410

Have you upgraded your command view SDM ? If yes and its 1.07 you must need to do secadmin commands - which is there in cvsdm 1.07 upgrade guide.

- if you faced problem recently than - have you changed your server root password - if yes - try old password - it will work.
Arend Lensen
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Re: Va 7410

Or disable cvsdm security in: