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Va 74xx

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Va 74xx

Hi all
Is it required to rebild the the raid after replacing the hdd in a array in which is conf as autoraid.Can any one tell me wht is step by step procedure for replacing the hdd in va7410 configured as autoraid.
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Re: Va 74xx


I think it shud take automatically if auto include and auto format is enabled in the config.

YoungHwan, Ko
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Re: Va 74xx

Just replace the disk.
It sync automatically...
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Re: Va 74xx

can you tell me how to see which hdd belongs to which lun ,and which lun belongs to which vg . iam using casa and commandview
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Re: Va 74xx

Hi Kamal,

You cannot find out which all HDDs are coming under a lun.Its is decided by the VA internally.

Also if you wanna find out the LUN mappings you have to keep a track of it at the time of LUN and VG/LV creation. At my place I also faced the same problem but before it is getting messed up I created an excel file to keep the LUN mappings for VGs.

So if you have already created many luns and VGs with them -- sorry to say you its a bit difficult to collect the details.

TAIL:- Lun creation is happening in particular order , you can find the same from the following details and apply the same logic in your case too.

Below is my tracking sheet.

LUN Device file Name Server's Hostname VG Size(GB)

0 /c20t0d0 test1db vg01 10MB
1 /c20t0d1 test1db vg01 40
2 /c20t0d2 test1db vg01 40
3 /c20t0d3 test1db vg01 40
4 /c20t0d4 test1db vg01 40
5 /c20t0d5 test1db vg01 40
6 /c20t0d6 test1db vg01 40
7 /c20t0d7 test1db vg02 40
8 /c20t1d0 test1db vg02 40
9 /c20t1d1 test1db vg02 40
10 /c20t1d2 test1db vg02 40
11 /c20t1d3 test1db vg02 40
12 /c20t1d4 test1db vg02 40
13 /c20t1d5 test1db vg02 40
14 /c20t1d6 test1db vg02 40
15 /c20t1d7 test1db vg03 40
16 /c20t2d0 test1db vg03 40
17 /c20t2d1 test1db vg04 40
18 /c20t2d2 test1db vg05 40
19 /c20t2d3 test3db vg02 40
20 /c20t2d4 test3db vg02 40
21 /c20t2d5 test3db vg03 40
22 /c20t2d6 test1db vg06 40
23 /c20t2d7 test1db vg06 40
24 /c20t3d0 test1db vg06 40
25 /c20t3d1 test1db vg06 40
26 /c20t3d2 test1db vg06 80
27 /c20t3d3 test1db vg06 80
28 /c20t3d4 test1db vg06 80
29 /c20t3d5 test1db vg06 60
30 /c20t3d6 test1db vg07 30

Best regards,
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Re: Va 74xx


attached the sample lun mapping. I think it was not clear in the last reply.