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Va7100 - bottleneck

Sylvie Vezina
Occasional Advisor

Va7100 - bottleneck


I run with L2000 11.0, 3 CPU's 4.5 of memory and we think the array va7100 is our bottleneck.
Could you give me a clue to increase the performance of disks
I don't have glance on this machine...
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Marc Heinrich
Occasional Advisor

Re: Va7100 - bottleneck

just some thoughts when the Disk is really the issue:
* are you on the current Firmware (not shure but should be something like HP18)
* does the box run in Raid 1/0 or Autoraid ?
I prefer 1/0.
* use more Disks -> stripe over more Disks or have more 1/0 Space in Autoraid Mode.
* is application "well behaving" ?
Vincent Fleming
Honored Contributor

Re: Va7100 - bottleneck

You have "sar", which can be used to check your system's performance. Use "sar -d" to see disk performance.

In general, in your "sar" output, your "wio" should remain < 10% if your disk performance is good. If it's > 10%, you would benefit from some tuning.

With the VA, be sure that your primary path (in LVM) is Controller-1 on the VA. This will give the best performance.

That's about it for the general stuff... tell us more about your environment, and we can probably make more suggestions.

Good luck,

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Trusted Contributor

Re: Va7100 - bottleneck


If your not on HP18, then get HP to upgrade your array.

With HP18, set Prefetch Enabled, and Normal Resiliency - these are KEY settings!

After you've tried the above, and you still have poor performance then (in this order);

- Add more disks until you're in RAID 1+0.

- If it's a single controller configuration, consider adding the second controller (this enables write cache)

- If these don't help and this array is full, consider adding more arrays. If you can't afford that, conside removing cpus from the L2000.

Eugeny Brychkov
Honored Contributor

Re: Va7100 - bottleneck

please attach 'armdsp -a' command output for this VA to your next reply