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Version Control Agent: missing entries

Erhard Pütz

Version Control Agent: missing entries


I am running the Version Control Agent against a repository. The repository is up to date (daily download).

So I have got three colums named "Installed Version", "Support Pack Version" and "Latest Version".

While the server is equipped with a Smart Array 642 controller there is a firmware version of 2.34 in the first column.

The "Support Pack Version" and "Latest Version" column are empty despite the fact, that the repository actually does contain the exe and mnf files of CP005133.

Any ideas why it is not shown in the "Latest Version" or "Support Pack Version" column?

Erhard Pütz

Re: Version Control Agent: missing entries

I manually downloaded Online ROM Flash Component for Windows - Smart Array 641/642 2.48A and put it in the repository directory. Then I initiated a catalog update.

After quite a bit of time the Version Control Agents displayed the component along with a "urgent update icon" and I was able to perfectly install the component from the VCA window.

I am wondering now about the sense of a VCRM with daily updates when it does not download important stuff !!!

In the last days the VCRM downloads ML110*.zip files and fails to import them (of course).

I would very much like to see HP work things correctly. If this is not reliable one may doubt about its use.

Best regards, Erhard