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Viewing replication

Chris Grey
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Viewing replication

I am new to replication and set up a test dr group for replication between 2 EVA 8000 system. I would like to see if replication is happening, view some sort of log that states at this time the system replicated x amount of data.
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Re: Viewing replication


I am not aware of any such logging. You might try running EVAperf (a collection followed by offline analysis) or simply run Windows Performance and add the "EVA DR Tunnels" counters.

The HP StorageWorks Command View EVA user guide gives details on the various counters.

Hope that helps,

- R.
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Re: Viewing replication

I thought it was so simple to look at the EVAPERF counters. Look at the VDISK (being replicated) and whatever "WRITE KB" and "WRITE IO" comes to that disk is the amount of data being replicated.

If you are suspecting the link (slowness or broken) then you have to look at the log file usage.

My 2 cents.