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Views on Informix & VA7410 Integration

Nick Wickens
Respected Contributor

Views on Informix & VA7410 Integration

I would welcome any views on what level of RAID (10 or Autoraid) on a VA7410 would be ideal for an Informix 9.3 database.

Currently set for Autoraid but not gone live just yet.
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Massimo Bianchi
Honored Contributor

Re: Views on Informix & VA7410 Integration

i put some oracle and sybase on VA74xx, and we decided to leave it as an autoraid.

There are no special performance issue, and there is ease of maintenance and enough redundancy (all productive server), and not too much space waisted.

Since informix use raw device i suggest you to lower dbc_max_pct to 8 and dbc_min_pct to 2, there is no need for buffer cache.

Be sure to have latest patches regarding fc/diagnostics/scsi/lvm/firmware, they can put considerable gain on the performances.