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Virtual array 7110 and SAN

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Virtual array 7110 and SAN


I am trying to connect an VA7110 to an StorageWorks SAN switch to make a fabric... I am having some problems . First of all , when I connect via the serial cable to the array, the installation guide commands do not work correctly.... The manual says "mgr -S 2 -c 1 " however the system says that it does know which is the controller ID or port ID . How can I find the port and controller ID ? Apart from that I suppose that I must connect the fibre cables from the swith to the "HOST" ports of the VA . I wonder why if I connect the cables to the "JBOD" port I can see the 10 disks directly from the ioscan in the HP-UX. Can anyone tell me what should I do in the switch to configure the fabric with the VA. Apart from that I must include a second switch in cascade ... Can anyone give me any recommendations....
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Ricardo Rocha
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Re: Virtual array 7110 and SAN

Hi Javier

1st point. The switch MUST be connected to the host port, not the JBOD!
When in doubt, just run "mgr -?" on the serial cable connection to get the correct syntax. Since you have a VA7110, you must mention the host port you want to configure in the mgr command (option -h ?).

About the fabric:
1- You should use again the mgr command to configure the controllers as fabric instead private loop.
2- Zoning - you must configure zones with your VA and the different hosts you have in the SAN (try to put different clusters on separate zones, don't mix disk arrays with backup devices, etc).
3- Cascade switchs. Be careful, the switches you want to cascate must have different domains. If you don't do it, they won't boot when connected via ISL.
To configure your switch, you can use the serial connection or the lan one (default IP address is

Good luck,

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