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W2K3SP1, SA6402, MSA30 (14x300GB) = 1 logical drive

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Karoly Vaczko
Occasional Advisor

W2K3SP1, SA6402, MSA30 (14x300GB) = 1 logical drive

I managed to create 1 RAID ADG array from all 14 disks (each of 300GB) in MSA30. However, once I create a logical disk it says that the maximum should be 2TB. Is there a way to overcome this in Win2003 SP1? Now, I have two spearate logical volumes (2 TB and 1,3TB) to reach maximum available capacity on RAID. Is it possible to migrate them somehow to have one logical drive at 3,3TB capacity? The Smart Array 6402 controller has the latest 2.58A firmware.

Thank you in advance.
Uwe Zessin
Honored Contributor

Re: W2K3SP1, SA6402, MSA30 (14x300GB) = 1 logical drive

Last time I checked, the limit was indeed 2 TeraBytes (2^32 blocks). You need to use the operating system to combine multiple logical drives.