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WWIDMGR, adding new system disk to ES80


WWIDMGR, adding new system disk to ES80

Hello, we are creating a new system disk to an ALPHASERVER ES80 which is part of a 6 node cluster, there are several LUNS which are already used within this environment. When adding the new system disk we had it mounted and did the configuration changes and dismounted th disk and shut down the server.
When I had done the -quickset -udid on the device lun, due to so many luns attached to this server it could not find it, is there a way to maybe 1 - reorder the wwid's so I can see the disk, or 2 - bring this device in manually, or ???
Any assistance or suggestions would be appreciated.
HP STorage support has not been helpful to say the least...getting run-a-round and unable to get a 2nd level tech to assist in this issue.
Rob Leadbeater
Honored Contributor

Re: WWIDMGR, adding new system disk to ES80

Hi Anthony,

I take it that you've read the manual for WWIDMGR.


It sounds like the filter option would be useful for you.

wwidmgr -show wwid -filter [-full]

Hope this helps,