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Waiting for rebuild: Compaq answer

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

Waiting for rebuild: Compaq answer


I have the "Waiting for rebuild" phenomenon, and contacted Compaq on this.
Below is the answer i got:

"most likely this condition is caused by a second drive that is in a degraded or failed state. You can check the Array Configuration Utility which can be found on the Smartstart CD to identify that drive. It also could be just a firmware issue so I would suggest to apply the latest Firmware to the controller and drive.

Integrated Smart Array Firmware 1.50: SP18018 - Options ROMPaq For Array Controllers
Hard drives: SP16373 - M&P Patch
SP17870 - Options ROMPaq for Internal (SCSI Attached) Drives

In case you identify a second drive that is degraded you will have replace that drive as well. This will have to be done by backing up the data, replace the failed drives, recreate the array and restore the data."

Merit for this answer goes to:
Marko Hauke, Enterprise Engineering Specialist (ES)
ISSG & ESG Level 2 Support
Compaq Customer Solutions and Services Centre - Dublin
Belfield Business Park, Beaver Row
Ground Floor Block 1
Clonskeagh, Dublin 4

Thanks Marko for the solution and the Very fast reply!!!