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Warning accesing physical disk drive EVA 6100

Carlos A. Munoz Lopez
Frequent Advisor

Warning accesing physical disk drive EVA 6100

Hi guys. We recently installed an EVA 6100 with 2C6D configuration. Lately I've been checking the controller events and found out that a warning is being reported constantly. The warning refers to a problem accesing a physical disk drive located in enclosure 1, port 0, bay 6. Checking up the status through Command View (Ver. everything seems to be ok with this disk drive, it all appears in green color, so I'm a little confused with this. I've been trying to look for some information about the event code (06034713) but I just couldn't find anything. I attach the log so you can take a look at it and I would appreciate any suggestion or help with this issue. Thanks in advance for your support.
Rob Leadbeater
Honored Contributor

Re: Warning accesing physical disk drive EVA 6100


If that error is coming up lots, then it would indicate that one of the drives is probably failing.

I would call support, and get them to analyse the event logs properly.