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Warning -"batteries that backup NVRAM in the array ..."


Warning -"batteries that backup NVRAM in the array ..."

Dear All
In our VA7100 virtual array, we are getting WARNING - "The batteries that backup NVRAM in the array controllers have been depleted to the point where removing power from the controller may cause data loss."

Yesterday, we have installed and configured new controller (received with RAM, Batteries and NVRAM) . Yesterday evening, we powered off the VA7100 strorage.
When today morning we power-on the controller, it shows "no map>". We tried to recover the LUN by running "recover" command, but it failed.
So we formatted the controller, formatted the discs, created fresh LUNs and volumes, and finally restored the data from backup media.

Complete output of "armdsp -s" is attached for getting help.

We observer that battery LED on back panel is blinking in green color. Is it indication of partial charging of batteries? if it is indication of partia; charging of battery, how long a new battery take to charge 100%?
What precausion I have to take now.
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Re: Warning -"batteries that backup NVRAM in the array ..."

I would expect the battery takes some around 24 hours to load.

If you install the current commandview sdm software on your host you will see the full details about the batteries


...Remaining Capacity:_________________6315 mAh
Remaining Capacity:_________________95 %
Voltage:____________________________12436 mVolts
Discharge Cycles:___________________2

Hope this helps!

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