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Web service on MSA 2000


Web service on MSA 2000

I tried to http to the MSA 2000 at but the service does not function. My laptop is and the IE always asks if I want to save the file instead of popping up the web console as I would expect. The symtom is seen on both controllers. Does that mean the web service isnt running on the MSA and what do I need to do to correct this. Thanks for any inputs.
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Re: Web service on MSA 2000

Configuring your web browser for SMU
Before using SMU to perform remaining steps, ensure that your web browser is properly configured according to the following guidelines:
. Your browser must be Internet Explorer 7 or Mozilla Firefox 1.5 or later. (Check the QuickSpecs for an updated list of supported browsers. QuickSpecs can be found from your HP MSA products page at http://www.hp.com/go/msa. Select MSA SAN Arrays, and then select your product. The link for QuickSpecs will be on the right.)
. To see the help window, you must enable pop-up windows.
. To optimize the display, use a color monitor and set its color quality to the highest setting.
. To navigate beyond the Sign In page (with a valid user account):
. Set the browser's local-intranet security option to medium or medium-low.
. Verify that the browser is set to allow cookies at least for the IP addresses of the storage-system network ports.

Logging in to SMU from a local management host
To log in to SMU from a local management host:
1. In the web browser's address field, type the IP address of one of the controller enclosure's Ethernet management ports and press Enter.
The SMU Sign In page is displayed. If the Sign-in page does not display, verify that you have entered the correct IP address.
2. On the Sign In page, type the default management user name manage and default password !manage.
If you are logging in to the SMU for the first time and no language packages have been installed, the Language field displays user setting or English, either of which when selected results in English. See the
reference guide for information on configuring languages.
3. Click Sign In.
The System Overview page is displayed.