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What WWN number I put in EVA4100

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Aungshuman Paul
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What WWN number I put in EVA4100


Recently we purchased a EVA4100. After powered up the controller it prompt for enter WWN number using its OCP. But I have no idea what WWN number we have to put? Can I put any value ?

And another question , also we have already a EVA4400 which is managed from a windows 2008 storage management server using Command view EVA. Can I manage the EVA4100 from the same storgae management server?

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Re: What WWN number I put in EVA4100

You can manage multiple EVA arrays from a single CV station.

The WWN and the checksum are on a sticker delivered with your array (usually inside the rack).

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Patrick Terlisten
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Re: What WWN number I put in EVA4100



a single CV instance can manage up to 16 EVAs. So no problem to manage your EVA4100 with your current CV instance. But remember to install the necessary license files for the installed capacity of you new EVA.


Inside the EVA rack there should be two stickers with WWN and a checksum. If there are not stickers left, try to contact the HP support center or your supplier of the EVA.




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