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What exactly does the "heal" command of the H240 do?

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What exactly does the "heal" command of the H240 do?

While experimenting with the H240 controller, I found that if you unplug the SATA cable from one of the disks in the off state, the volumes will be inaccessible and the "Heal" button will appear in the Smart Storage Administrator. When this button is pressed, a formidable warning appears that data may be invalid. Next, you need to select an unassigned disk, after which the volume goes into the "OK" state, and its data becomes available. And at first glance, they are all right. But I am confused by the fact that there is no rebuild! Why it happens? What exactly does this procedure do? Why does it warn that the data may become invalid and does not rebuild my RAID1 volume?


Re: What exactly does the "heal" command of the H240 do?


Please refer below HPE Smart Storage Administrator User Guide


Healing an array
The Heal Array operation enables you to enter a command to replace failed physical drives in the array
with healthy physical drives. After replacement, the original array and logical drive numbering is
To use Heal Array, you must meet the following conditions:
• The array has at least one failed drive.
• The array is not transforming (for example, rebuilding to a spare).
• The array has a working cache, making it capable of transformation.
• The replacement physical drives and the original drives must be of the same interface type, such as
SAS, SATA, and so on.
• A sufficient number of unassigned physical drives of the correct size are available to replace each
failed physical drive in the array.
The correct size is defined as a drive as large as the smallest drive on the array, but no larger than
the smallest spare.
• If using an ProLiant Smart Array G6 or G7 controller, an SAAP 1.0 license is activated.
When you select Heal Array, and all conditions are met, one of the following actions occurs to the volume
in the array:
• If a volume has failed, HPE SSA recreates the volume. This action occurs with a RAID 0 volume.
• If a volume is degraded, HPE SSA rebuilds the volume

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